Simple Ways to Find a Real Estate ISA

Simple Ways to Find a Real Estate ISA

Finding a real estate ISA is not that big a deal and all you need to do is follow some strategies to get qualified people on the board. As this person should be as humanly as possible, you have to put in extra efforts while finding one.

Yes, there are many things involved in this whole process and it might happen that you have to reject the person. But not to worry, by being careful you will get the right person up who can easily do what you want him to.

Here’s what you need to do to get things done right:

Ways to Find a Real Estate ISA

1. A basic understanding is a must

While hiring an ISA, make sure to question him about the basic things of real estate. As he will be the one representing your brand, it is essential to check his qualification and expertise.

If you sense uninformed or uneducated behavior, never hire that person.  A knowledgeable ISA in real estate will take your business ahead for sure as he knows the loopholes of the market and the terminology.

2. Be careful of overseas agents

Overseas ISAs look tempting but be careful of them. They will definitely show you the work they have done but because you cannot meet them in person, you need to be very careful before hiring them.

What happens is when you call overseas ISAs for interviews, they get the best people on the call. But when they come over to assist you, the person changes so never ever get fooled.

3. Don’t invest time in saving money

Saving money will cost you more money. It is because everything has a cost involved so don’t try to bargain with your ISA. If you do so, you might land up on a bad ISA who can take a toll on your transactions and also waste a lot of your money.

A good ISA promises to bring a lot of business to give a little more to a better person.

4. Management is important

While you hire an ISA, it is essential to follow a management structure properly. Develop the scripts, audios, and videos beforehand if you want everything sorted in place. Well, structured tasks are always fruitful so keep a few things in mind and manage everything with due care.

5. Send test leads

To ensure if your ISA is a capable person, send him test leads without his knowledge. Take another number and make a call to your ISA, inquire him about the market and ask him the latest market trends.

It is to check whether he is knowledgeable or have enough information to provide to the lead. For that, you can talk to your friend and spy on the ISA. Whosoever calls your ISA, take his feedback and make sure the ISA sounds very professional and educated on every call even though it was a test call. 

Factors to Consider Before You Hire

1. Hire the right person

That’s quite obvious! Why would anyone hire a wrong person for a job, would you? By this point, we mean, the real estate agents have been in this business for over 20 years now. Newcomers are entering the market, some with outstanding knowledge and others with average.

When it comes to finding a real estate ISA, you should never show favoritism. That implies, hiring a friend or the first person who seems to be the right person or a company having ISA’s working under them. This approach is definitely wrong leading to bad results.

Well, the right person has phone sales experience, appointment setting experience and door to door selling experience. So you need someone who has the complete knowledge of selling over the phone.

The right person is open to talking as the whole job revolves around this thing only. Empathy, ambition, and resilience etc. are all this person has to have to deliver great results.

2. Train the person beforehand

When hiring is done, there is always sometime within which you can take as an opportunity. As the ISA is a new person for your company, call him over and train him ahead of the curve. Make him speak, talk and bring in prospects for better business.

As you know your company well, give scripts and dialogues to the new employee to learn and listen. It will help him to learn what, how and when to say things. The sooner he learns the sooner he will set appointments for you.

3. Set up the list of leads

Never waste time to contact a prospect or you can miss out on a deal. Chances are high when you don’t contact your prospect, he or she switches to another real estate agent. In order to bring more business, act fast and smart.

You want nothing but having your ISA bring in leads as fast as possible. To get the prospects in on the very first day, make a list of leads of ready so the ISA starts making calls for you.

By having your leads ready to be called, the ISA will be able to give quick responses as he will know the requirements of the leads. Also, it leads to better response rates.

As soon as the ISA hits the phone, it is going to be an amazing process. Yes, surely things don’t happen overnight but the ISA can get appointments right out of the blue if everything is sorted.

4. Avoid confusion by giving the detailed list

To make sure the business comes in a positive way, it is important to give clear direction to the ISA about the track records, goals to be achieved, contacts, appointments, nurtures, and daily activities.

Give the ISA a tracking sheet and give him the expectations you want to fulfill. This fast approach will make sure that no time is wasted and the ISA is more productive. Since these strategies are easy to implement, they are effective too. 

We sincerely hope that these tips will help you make an informed decision when finding a real estate ISA. Don’t just trust your gut, make sure you also verify every information your agent provides you before spending anything. 

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