Hiring an Inside Sales Agent for your Real Estate Firm

Hiring an Inside Sales Agent for your Real Estate Firm

Due to its rapid growth, the real estate business can earn you much more than you expected. To cope up with the pace, it becomes important to properly manage the leads and prospects in order to convert them into long-term customers.

But are you missing on the potential clients given the workload? It is the right time to hire an inside sales agent to have an effective follow-up system. If you’re constantly missing the phone calls, an ISA can get you on the right track. 

Who is an Inside Sales Agent?

An ISA is a person who takes care of follow-up calls and makes phone calls to new leads. So, they must be a great communicator over the phone.

Making prospecting calls, taking calls from leads, making follow-up calls and setting up appointments for leads are some of an ISA’s main tasks.

Why Hire an ISA?

Reaching out to the leads is important but is also a struggle. Are you finding it hard to keep up with the demands of your leads?

Your workload may be stopping you to meet your standards, make follow-up calls or miss out on clients. However, it is important to follow up in a timely fashion to retain the customers and generate revenue by making sales.

For that, you need an ISA to generate leads consistently. Hiring an ISA comes with many other costs as well, such as:

  • Capital

Yes, hiring an ISA is not free of cost and there are obvious costs associated. Since an ISA is in charge of admin type activities like updating the CRM, making appointments and setting phone calls and so on, other team members should focus on the remaining tasks.

  • Goals Achievement

Before hiring an ISA, you need to make sure your goals are properly set. As every real estate firm has some specific goals, meeting them may be tough due to a lack of experience about making phone calls and following up the leads.

In that case, ISA is the person who can get it right. Ask yourself before hiring:

  • Which targets need to be set and achieved?
  • What do you expect in the output?
  • How much return on investment is needed?

Honestly saying, having the goals set and clear will push your company to a better future. With all credits due to your ISA. Maybe a little late but, better than never.

If your goals are clear, it’ll be easy to narrow down your shortlisted candidates. If the goals are achievable, it’s fine but if not, it’s the time to hire an ISA.

  • Better Data Usage

As the ISAs have to take care of the CRM list or other real estate data, it can help your business in many ways.

No doubt, with the development of technology, and with the latest tools and trends prevailing in the market, ISA can still make an efficient use of data.They can understand data trends well and bring in more leads by smartly applying those trends.

Hiring Process of an ISA

After you’re done hiring an ISA, it’s time to determine what are the needs of your outside team? Also, what duties and responsibilities should an ISA take while making cold calls to the leads.

Basically, for an ISA to perform well and succeed, they should have a sales background. They must be an expert in making sales and generating revenues from clients without sounding too promotional.

Having sales targets and achieving them is possible when your ISA knows the exact needs of your business. So it’s important to give training about the nuances of your market.


In the whole process, as mentioned before, cold calling is the most important. For more leads, an ISA has to make phone calls and follow-up calls. However, it’s also essential to check whether the hired person has the potential to do it.

To see if your hiring decision is right, have your ISA make cold calls. Or you can ask your friends to talk to your ISA without them knowing in order to test their capability.

Test them on how well they can handle a cold call situation and how they talk to the other person.

Training is also important because it lets the inform your ISA well about your company. This will also help them apply the strategies well.


To sum up, an ISA is, of course, the most important hire for a real estate firm. Since the productivity and profit levels go up due to an ISA, don’t overlook it.

Ever thought how able the rest of your team is when to comes to making cold calls or managing CRM or following-up the leads?

As they say, an ISA is able to produce an excellent return on investment which others in the business can’t. If leads are followed up properly and quickly, chances are high that they’ll become long-term clients of your business.

So just hire an ISA already! See the business grow by leaps and bounds with the help of a talented ISA driving as many sales as you want.

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