6 Powerful Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Sell or Rent a Space ASAP

6 Powerful Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Sell or Rent a Space ASAP

Real estate industry has its own pros and cons for every realtor especially when the market is competitive. To sell or rent a space, the realtor has to have an amazing knowledge of the latest and upcoming trends which will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Since every realtor is using the same strategies to sell or rent a space, you can yield better results by being a little different. How?

Apply new ideas and strategies to grab attention and leave an everlasting impact on the minds of the buyers. Here we have mentioned few real estate marketing strategies, follow them all and expect good results.

1. Hire a Creative and Emotion-Invoking Copywriter

We all see a lot of home selling descriptions and get lured immediately. This is a strategy of the sellers to attract buyers. As descriptions play a major role in selling a space, you should definitely work on it.

For that, hire a creative copywriter who can write stimulating descriptions- mentioning each and every detail. This can help your company to emotionally connect with buyers.

A small description with all space details looks good but a long description describing even the nearby areas of the house is a treat to the eyes.

To make people consider your space is not an easy task.  There are too many similar options available at lower costs. Thus, emotional summoning may be a short-term solution. If your house sustains in their minds over the countless others, they’re bound to come back.

2. Publicize on Facebook

Facebook is a great medium to publicize anything and everything. All the latest happenings and events around us are broadcasted here so why not use it to push your real estate business?

Add the space images you want to sell or rent out on Facebook with nice descriptions. Organize events and seminars for the potential buyers and post it on Facebook to bring in more leads.

Since people nowadays are active on Facebook almost always, avail it as an opportunity. Sign up on Facebook as an advertiser and put the events within your geographic area. Are you looking forward to renting out apartments? Target singles or working youngsters under 30s and get them in.

3. Attract using Property Images

Did you miss out on a lead because of the dull or blurry images? This is the biggest hindrance towards the success of your business as people are more into seeing clear and well-structured images of the space they’re going to buy.

However, before they come to your website to see the rented space, they have already done the necessary research and homework. So to make sure your space gets sold or rented, you have to work on the pictures, for sure.

Also, appealing images emotionally evoke buyers the same way a sound description does. Try your best to make the images aesthetically pleasing as much as possible. It is an effective strategy to sell your property.

4. Organize an SMS Campaign

Before starting with the process of renting or selling a space, create “For Sale” or “For Lease” SMS campaigns. These boards look interesting and people get to know if space is on rent or lease.

Also, it brings more people towards your property especially when the SMS lists your phone number, email address, and website.

The potential buyers can inquire you either on phone or email or whatever they feel comfortable with. How to make your property sell or rent out faster than the competitors?

Well, think creative! Maybe something like messaging the buyers to inquire you about the space or providing discount offers, that seems legit, isn’t it?

5. Video of the Space

Record a high-quality video of the space and put it on your website for the potential buyers to see and make a fair decision. With the help of videos, the buyers can see the space before they get to that particular location.

Set up a professional camera to shoot the video and upload the best pictures to showcase the space properly. Let the buyers imagine through the video what life would be like if they lived in that house. Moreover, you can walk them through while explaining all its important aspects.

6. Referrals and Incentives

Referrals and incentives are amazing to attract buyers into buying your property. If you haven’t started a referral strategy yet, it’s high time you do. For that, first of all, make a list of people you know who can buy what you’re selling.

Don’t have enough networking? No worries, if you even have a single contact, make a chain out of it. Ask that one contact to bring more of his friends or relatives and get incentive or referral prices.

What kind of home are you selling? Is it a starter home or is it an apartment for rental? Depending on the homes, make a list of potential buyers like mortgage bankers, marriage counselors or financial advisors.

Once you’re done making the list, start contacting them and figuring out if they’re interested in your property. It might take a lot of time but eventually, you’ll find a buyer.

Did you find a buyer but your property wasn’t a suitable match? Don’t let them go. Offer referral incentives as this strategy might bring you one or more leads.


Selling or renting a space is not that easy as it seems. When you’re in a seller’s market, you have to be very careful with your offerings. In a buyers’ market, making a decision is as tough as the buyer has to choose from a variety of spaces available.

Simply follow these tactics and you’ll land on a buyer soon. So ready to implement these strategies in your selling campaign? Go ahead and make your first sale!

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