5 Things to Avoid While Hiring a Real Estate inside Sales Agent

5 Things to Avoid While Hiring a Real Estate inside Sales Agent

Inside sales agents work their level best to grow in their real estate careers. The successful agents are those who convert their potential customers into long-term clients.

Cold calling and follow up are two great ways to convert leads into commission checks. But, only if done in the right manner. Now the matter of concern is, how to bring in leads at the first place?

For that, a business needs a professional inside sales agent who does all the work and drives more sales. The real dilemma is, how to find an expert sales agent and what should be avoided while hiring one? Below are 5 things mentioned to avoid while hiring ISA for your business: 

Part Time ISA

Try avoiding that at all costs! Yes, part-time ISAs might cut down your overall cost but won’t contribute much in increasing revenue flow.

That’s because training a part-time ISA will take you more than 4 months. Add to that, some extra time to analyze their productivity level. On the other hand, full-time ISAs will be coached earlier so the cost is pretty much the same for both.

The benefit of hiring a full-time ISA is that they can talk to more leads and given the experience, can bring in more sales.

Next, two appointments can be made in a day whereas a part-time ISA will be able to handle only one and that too in a rush. So, part-time ISAs must be avoided to streamline the whole process.

Poor Hiring Approach

Posting those flashy and promotional job advertisements with luring salary seems attractive but, if you’re serious about hiring, avoid this.

Beginners, as well as professionals, will walk in to give interviews thus wasting your precious time. Be clear about your requirements in order to attract appropriate people.

KPI Tracking

Are you very well aware of your targets, goals, and objectives? Have you planned your expected return on investment?

Is the timeline clear in your mind for when your ISA should be productive and profitable? If all these questions have an answer, you’re ready to hire.

If not, you should work on it and measure the progress or stagnancy your ISA needs to show. To improve the performance of an ISA, KPI tracking is the most important. Set up before hiring anyone.

Hiring Virtual ISAs

Virtual ISAs are profitable for well-established businesses but may not be the right choice for the ones that are starting out. Lack of business knowledge will make them underperform. So, hire someone who’s completely aware of your market, even if it costs you a little more.

Lack of Team Analysis

The success of inside sales agent goes hand in hand with how the outside agent team works. An ISA should be well-educated, experienced and trained to perform well, and the outside team’s performance should in synchronization to reflect that.

While measuring the performance of the ISA, make sure to:

  • Analyze the team performance
  • Check if the lead follow up is up to the mark or the outside team is missing on the daily appointments
  • Are there any new leads in the ring?

These things must be avoided to get everything done right and achieve great results. Follow them and find the right person for your business, slowly but surely.

When you avoid these things while finding an expert ISA, chances are you’ll land on the best ISA. Also, you can give tough competition to your competitors by availing the services of a professionally skilled ISA.

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