14 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

14 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

There’s been a lot going on in the real estate industry and over the past few decades. Like a jagged graph, it has been full of ups and downs.

As the competition is tough, it is quite challenging to survive in the real estate industry. However, in order to make things work, adopt these real estate marketing ideas to buck up and turn the tables.

To have an active presence, you should definitely follow these ideas if you have been missing out.

1.Competition Awareness

Keep an eye on your competitors’ activities- what they’re doing, what strategies they follow and what their website looks like. Keep a tab on their social media presence. Figure where you’ve been lacking, buck things up and avoid the mistakes.

2. Get Set Go For Social Platform

Create accounts on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook and so on to up your social media game.

These platforms bring in a lot of people which is beneficial if you want to promote your products or services. Post relevant and interesting content to attract visitors.

3. Add Share Buttons

You might have seen many websites having social sharing buttons. Having a real estate business is interesting and when you add share buttons, you definitely win brownie points.

As people are eager to share property pictures with their loved ones, social sharing buttons are absolute must-haves. Let these buttons help people share their dream homes.

4. Creative Business Cards

Very important! It’s impossible to elaborate on everything, especially during the rush hours. In that case, just hand over your business card. To grab quality attention, your business card should stand out,  if you immediately wish to get a call for your services.

5. Create a Buying Guide for Leads

Write interesting content in the form of an ebook to help the leads.  Topics like “things to know before investing in a property” or “tips to follow before building your own house” will induce interest in the minds of the readers. 

They’ll follow you up if they find you genuine. To have them in the pool, offer free books when they supply their email addresses or phone numbers. Make a personal phone call to win them over for bonus points.

6. Hire a Pro Photographer

As they say, visuals play a significant role and speak louder than words. In the real estate business, you can lure the leads with beautifully designed images. Create nice pictures of the property and post them on the website.

7. Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is all about images and so is the real estate industry. Add appealing images along with some information on the Pinterest boards and highlight a particular area if you think it can bring you leads.

8. Virtual Tour

Invite people to experience the virtual tour if they don’t have much time to visit the place. Just ask them to open the virtual tour to get a detailed and accurate preview of the property they want to invest in. Make a tour and avoid loud music as it can distract a person.

9. Mobile Friendly Website

Do you have the habit of browsing the internet on your mobile while traveling, before bed or in the washroom?

Yes? Many of us access our phones over laptops and this is where you can stand out. Create mobile friendly websites to make it easy for the leads to find what they want on your website.

10. Create Google My Business Page

The name says it all! To promote your business, create Google my business page. It is a lot like the  Google+ page and the users can easily find you in Google search, Google+ and Google maps. If you have your own my business page, that is!

11. Paid Social Ads

Want to earn more genuine visitors? Invest in social ads to grab attention on social networks like Facebook.

As Facebook runs paid advertisements to show your content on the top to a wider audience, consider it to target the relevant audience. Make sure to pay if you are sure of your audience.

12. Organize Free Seminars

You have to do that to get more leads. Grab complete knowledge of the current real estate trends and provide as much information as you can to the buyers. Since the buyers also have pretty good knowledge of everything, make sure not to sound non-knowledgeable.

Organize free seminars to spread awareness and help them for what they want. Because they need proper confidence in your business before investing, take it as an opportunity and to showcase you’ve got.

When you help them and that too for free, they’ll be impressed and most probably agree to a close association.

13. Testimonials from Former Clients

It would really be beneficial if you get to arrange testimonials from your previous clients. Ask them to leave their honest feedback and reviews on the website for the new people to see and believe your worth.

Testimonials are amazing and induce trust among people who visit your website. To make the testimonials look more genuine, try to get a photo of the former clients along with their feedback.

Add the images and names of the clients on the website as well as on social networks to build a trust chain.

14. Design a Beautiful Website

Everyone today has their own websites, isn’t it? Are all the websites good looking and interesting? No, of course! Here you can stand out from the crowd by designing an awesome website that has all the information provided in an organized manner.

When you need to attract people towards your real estate business, the website must be up to date. Include all the necessary features and add stunning property photos, virtual tours and Google maps on the site to provide structured information. 

These are the real estate marketing ideas that actually have the power to help people and catapult you to the huge ladder of success, so are you ready?

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